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We have one main goal: to give 100 percent buyer happiness and a one-of-a-kind retail experience to our customers through selection, quality, service, and price. Kratos Sports is a close-knit community of athletes. Perform in the gym while also having fun outside of it. We attempt to merge exercise and lifestyle as simply as possible inside the community. We accomplish this through exchanging information, assisting one another, and providing better advice.

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It's not always easy to stay in shape. Motivation, discipline, frequent workouts, and a good diet are required. It's hard to fit into your routine. There is a lack of honesty and transparency in the outcomes. The word "Kratos" stands for "God Of Power."
We want everyone who enjoys athletics to do so, and we want to assist them in setting and achieving reasonable goals. You can accomplish benefits by combining your lifestyle with the workout in this manner. Kratos Sports is a tight-knit group of fitness freaks. Perform well in the gym while also having fun outside of it.

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Used for light weights and machine weights. They're comfortable and can get a good grip. Seem to be in good condition after a fair amount of use. I like that it wraps around and supports the wrist as well. Good value for money.

- Isa

I'm not a lover of gloves in trainin but I use them in my garage gym when it's too cold for anyone to be training but it must carry on. They are nice quality, comfort, Doing the job very nicely for not stupid money. Win win

- Mikey Boy

Gym gloves are a staple for me as I always used to get calluses that would never heal when you're regularly going to the gym.They have really good padding too so the bar doesn't dig into your palms. Overall, I think they're actually very good gloves for weightlifting and I'd highly recommend them!

- MrLek

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