About Us

Hi Kratos Fan,

My name is Simon Booth & I'm the founder of Kratos & want to take you on a journey fueled by my lifelong love for sports. Back in 2003, I set out to create the perfect balance bike for kids. That venture shook up the toy industry, giving birth to Kiddimoto, a brand known for innovation and quality in kids' sports gear.

In 2021, I pondered a new challenge – making advanced, affordable sports gloves for adults. Thus, Kratos Sports was born.

My mission is simple – offer top-tier sports gloves without breaking the bank. Everyone deserves quality gear, regardless of skill level or budget. When you choose Kratos Sports, you join a community that values passion and greatness.

A promise to my customers: I won't let you down. My dedication to delivering the best sports gloves remains unwavering.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.