Your Complete Guide to Kratos  Running Gloves: Tips, Precautions, and Proper Usage

Your Complete Guide to Kratos Running Gloves: Tips, Precautions, and Proper Usage


Running is a fantastic way to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but as the weather gets colder, it becomes essential to protect your hands from the elements. That's where Kratos running gloves come into play. In this guide, we will explore the world of Kratos running gloves, provide tips on choosing the right pair, and offer precautions and usage do's and don'ts to ensure you get the most out of your runs, even in chilly conditions.

Choosing the Right Kratos Running Gloves:

  1. Material Matters:

    • Look for Kratos running gloves made from moisture-wicking materials like polyester or merino wool. These materials will keep your hands dry and comfortable during your run.
    • Consider Kratos running gloves with reflective elements if you run in low-light conditions for added safety.
  2. Fit and Size:

    • Ensure a snug but not too tight fit. Kratos running gloves should allow for easy finger movement and should not constrict blood flow.
    • Check the size chart provided by Kratos Sports to find the perfect fit for your hands.
  3. Weather Considerations:

    • For cold weather running, opt for Kratos running gloves with insulation to keep your hands warm.
    • In rainy or wet conditions, look for waterproof or water-resistant Kratos running gloves.

Precautions When Using Kratos  Running Gloves:

  1. Avoid Overheating:

    • While it's essential to keep your hands warm, be cautious not to overheat. Overheating can lead to excessive sweating, which can make your hands wet and cold.
  2. Layering:

    • On extremely cold days, consider wearing a liner glove beneath your Kratos  running gloves for extra warmth.
  3. Care and Maintenance:

    • Follow the manufacturer's care instructions provided by Kratos running gloves  to maintain the durability and effectiveness of your gloves.
    • Store Kratos Sports gloves in a cool, dry place when not in use to prevent mold and odors.

Using Kratos Sports Running Gloves Properly:

  1. Moisturize:

    • Apply a moisturizer to your hands before putting on your Kratos running gloves to prevent dryness and chafing.
  2. Maintain Hand Warmth:

    • Before heading out, warm up your hands by rubbing them together or blowing warm air into your Kratos running gloves.
  3. Finger Dexterity:

    • Opt for Kratos running gloves with touchscreen compatibility, so you can use your smartphone without removing them.

Do's and Don'ts of Kratos Running Gloves:


  • Do choose Kratos running gloves that suit the current weather conditions.
  • Do layer your Kratos running gloves if it's exceptionally cold.
  • Do ensure a proper fit of Kratos running gloves to maintain dexterity.
  • Do follow care instructions for Kratos running glove longevity.


  • Don't wear cotton gloves, as they absorb moisture and can make your hands cold.
  • Don't forget to moisturize your hands before putting on Kratos running gloves.
  • Don't overlook the importance of hand warm-up.
  • Don't use Kratos running gloves that hinder your ability to grip or handle objects safely.


Kratos Sports running gloves are a valuable addition to any runner's gear, providing essential protection against the cold and wet. By choosing the right pair from Kratos Sports, following precautions, and using them properly, you can ensure that your hands stay warm and comfortable throughout your runs.

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