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The New KRATOS Brand of Sport Gloves

Before we speak about the product, the new Kratos brand of sports gloves, we must consider the brand. The brand is 'Kratos'. What does Kratos mean and how does this meaning relate to sportswear? Kratos is known to millions of young people today as a video game character. But where did this character come from? Greek mythology is the answer. Greek mythology is full of strong, powerful heroes. This hero is no exception. Kratos is a demigod and often depicted in ancient Greek art. For he is a strong character indeed. Strong in the sense that he is the enforcer of justice. 

The Enforcer

In the ancient Greek religion, Zeus, the supreme deity, was a harsh and vengeful god. Kratos plays the role of his enforcer. He is also the personification of strength. The creators of sports clothing for today's powerful athletes see him as a strong and powerful role model for the sportsmen and women of today. The personification of strength. 

What are Workout-Gloves?

When it comes to athletic workouts, the right workout clothes are important. Sports enthusiasts require clothing that supports the athlete as he or she trains to improve their performance. Athletes need clothing that will support a strong body as it strives to become a better, more powerful body. Like all of the best sports clothing, Kratos gloves are crafted from premium materials, by the most modern techniques. Gloves must support the workout. The athlete will perspire as he or she pushes themselves beyond his or her limit. Gloves are just as important as any piece of sports clothing. Gloves have a protective role to play in many sports. Workout-gloves, or Gym-gloves, as they're also called.

Kratos Sports Gloves

The Sports that Require the Gloves

There's a range of sports for which special gloves need to be worn. We show a list of sports gloves to give an idea of how many there are. This list names just a few. There may certainly be many more, but this list shows that there are more than a few.

  1. Weight-lifting Gloves
  2. Road Cycling Gloves
  3. Mountain Bike Gloves
  4. Running Gloves


Gym-Gloves Protect the Hands

There are a few good reasons why athletes today choose to wear protective gloves while working out. Let's look at a few of them. Bear in mind that some athletes choose to work out and play without wearing any gloves. But such athletes are becoming fewer as time goes by.

Safety and Protection against Injury: Every sportsman and sportswoman can improve his or her performance by constant, regular training. The problem with this is that long bouts of training can tire the body. It can also render the athlete prone to injury. Sadly, an athlete may be unable to perform or play because of injury. Especially after long hours of time and effort, dedicated to training. The good news is that protective gloves play a role in injury prevention. They stand between the athlete's body and the possibility of injury. They create a type of buffer zone. An athlete who trains to wear his or her protective gloves stands a much better chance of avoiding injury. That's a great advantage.

Better Grip: Long hours of training may make a sportsman or a sportswoman perfect in their sport. The problem is, long hours of training can also make the athlete tired. They may also cause the athlete to perspire and this can make it difficult for them to grip the oars of their boat or their weights. In a situation like this, one wrong move can cause a disaster from which it may not be easy to recover. Wearing gloves while training or working out causes the athlete to have a secure grip on the equipment and prevent slipping and subsequent injury. 

⦁ Improved Performance: There's no doubt that if the athlete has no experience of wearing protective gloves for working out, he or she may find them difficult to get used to in the beginning. Some athletes refuse to use them at all. So it's probably better if the athletes use gloves from the very start of their sports career. Yet, once they master the art of being able to train wearing protective sports gloves, they will have far less trouble than they would have otherwise had. Provided they wear the gloves correctly, of course. They will be able to sustain longer bouts of practice and this will improve their performance. In addition to this, because of reduced incidences of injury, they will have fewer periods of enforced idleness owing to injury. Overall, their performance can only improve.

 Protection Against Injury 

Correct Glove-Fitting for Protective Gloves

A most important factor in the success of the use of Workout gloves is correct glove-fitting. The gloves should grip the hands snugly, like a second skin. The hand in the glove is a single entity, not two entities. Here at Kratos, we have worked long and hard to produce the perfect glove-fitting solution. Those who purchase our product can avail of 3D hand-scanning technology to get the perfect size for their hands. So they can work out and train with the assurance of perfect support from the new Kratos brand of sports gloves. There's nothing more important than getting the correct fit.

Correct glove fitting  

Our Design Innovations

Kratos is a company aimed at the international market. We know that geography is no limit for our business due to the development of e-Commerce in recent times. All our products are created keeping the international market in mind. We keenly follow the latest trends in design and technology. We aim to produce goods which are of international quality. We create our products from the purest raw materials. Our products are crafted by highly skilled workers according to the latest technological innovations. We want to produce sportswear that the mythical figure of Kratos himself would be proud to wear.

Gloves need to be worn

Our Company Ethics

As a British-based company that aims to produce goods for the international market through the modern development of e-Commerce, we believe we have certain ethics to uphold. Our company is driven by two strong values. The first is quality. We take pride in manufacturing top-quality international products. We aim to have the latest technology and a skilled workforce at our disposal. The second is to give due importance to our workforce. We take pride in our team. We invest in it. We ensure that it's well-trained and fully equipped to do all that's expected to produce goods for the international market. We strive to take good care of our employees. We aim to encourage their stellar performance. After all, a company is only as strong as its members. With our skilled and respected team of workers, we will continue to deliver the products required for the international market. Our company will continue to go from strength to strength with the support of its workers. We will support them as they always support us. We always strive for perfection, with the goal of excellence in our work and excellence in our products to continually inspire us.

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