A Beginner's Guide to- KRATOS MASSAGE GUNS

Massage guns are innovative devices that are specifically designed for promoting muscle recovery. The products first hit the market a couple of years ago. In a very short time, they have become very popular among athletes and fitness fans around the world.Massage guns provide the same effect as deep tissue massages. They are, however, more efficient because they offer all the benefits of deep tissue massages at the most convenient time. The devices are common among athletes because they help to improve health and athletic performance. Handheld massage guns offer a lot of benefits, which include:


Kratos Massage Guns

1. Rehabilitation

    One of the most helpful approaches to injury rehabilitation therapy is massage. The reason why it is as effective is that it helps to speed up the process of recovery while preventing additional injury. 

    A muscle massager gun helps to increase range of motion and mobility, which is one of the main aims of rehabilitation. It also helps to increase nerve stimulation and circulation while increasing the flow of blood to the regions that are undergoing rehabilitation. 

    The massage device also helps to strengthen muscles. It does so with the help of the contractions that the massage gun is designed to provide. Muscle massage guns, therefore, function as a complement to the regular injury rehabilitation processes. 

    They, therefore, boost healing and retrieval of muscles that were withered due to disease or trauma. Using a handheld massage gun for rehabilitation is a painful process, especially the first few times. However, it will help you get back on your feet faster. 

    Speed up the Process of Recovery

    2. Pain Relief

      Handheld Massage Gun help significantly with pain relief. They provide restoration which is based on pulsations and restrained energies in a process known as vibrational healing. Vibrational healing does not depend on any other healing system other than a person’s unique energy field. 

      Percussion massager helps to deliver vibrations deep into achy muscles through a technique known as percussive therapy and helps to get relief from leg muscle pain. The vibrations help to increase the blood and lymph circulations around the body. 

      By doing so, they help to produce increased amounts of oxygen and nutrients that get into the achy muscles. This process results in elevated recovery speed, improved motion range, as well as pain relief. It also helps to relieve fatigue in the muscles as well as soreness. 

       Pain Relief

      Massage guns are easy to operate, especially if the stiffness is around the neck, lower back and sometimes on the shoulders. Remember not to use a handheld massager gun for issues like a sports injury without consulting with a doctor first.

      3. Sports Training

        Another benefit of massage guns is that they help to enhance sports performance, prevent injury, and fasten recovery. The deep tissue massage gun helps to improve the rate of muscle contraction. By doing so, they help with the lengthening and strengthening of both the muscles and tendon tissues. 

        Massage therapy is an incredible way for an athlete to relieve stress before a competition. It also helps them recover faster between workouts and competitions. During sporting events and workouts, toxic debris is constantly released into the body. 

        Massage therapy helps to eliminate the debris, hence allowing the muscles to heal in the shortest time. Deep tissue massage using massager guns helps to release fluids and tension within the deep muscles. By doing so, blood circulation within the body is improved. 

        Sports Training

        Improved blood circulation helps with the exchange of substances, and this boosts tissue metabolic rate. Increased blood flow results in an improved supply of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. 

        This helps to prevent overtraining because of the sedating effect that the massage gun has on the nervous system. The improved circulation also helps to heal and prevent further injuries by breaking down adhesions and increasing the creation of nutrients as well as fluids. 

        The increased nutrients and fluids help with the quick repair of tissues. By doing so, sports performance is significantly improved. The massage guns also help to increase power by making the muscles more flexible and efficient.

        4. Muscle soreness reduction

          Massage guns help to increase the oxygen levels in the body by increasing blood circulation. Lactic acid is produced when there are low levels of oxygen in the body. The body compensates by converting all the lactate into energy. 

          This is common during intense exercise, and lactic acid also increases in the blood more rapidly than the body can burn it off. The effects of this action on the muscles are detrimental. The muscles start to feel exhausted, and cramping is inevitable. 

          Increase Blood Circulation

          Muscle massager helps to release lactic acid as well as any other toxic substances from the muscles and all their surrounding tissues. By doing so, they help to reduce issues like muscle soreness, which come as a result of prolonged exertion. The exertion is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. 

          The rolling massager also helps to cure muscle contractions and rigidity that usually occur after intense workouts. By doing so, they help to prevent ischemia, a condition that causes a lack of proper blood flow in the muscles. The devices apply pressure to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments, hence prompting relaxation, which reduces spasms and aching contractions

          5. Muscle and nervous system activation

            The role of the nervous system is to stimulate and regulate the activity of the muscles. It also maintains homeostasis in the body. There are receptors in the muscles that report every activity on the muscles to the nervous system. 

            Massage guns help to stimulate the activity of the sympathetic nervous system’s receptors. By doing so, the skin and the muscles go through a process known as vasodilation, which is the relaxation of blood vessels that results in lowered blood pressure. The process results in the release of tension, hence making the muscles relax. It also helps to improve mobility. 

            Improves Mobility


            Most of the benefits mentioned above circle around blood and lymph flow. By providing similar effects to deep tissue massage, massage guns increase the flow rate while stimulating the receptors in the nerve. They also help with the dilation of blood vessels, which improves the flow of blood. Improved blood and lymph flow results in better recovery and higher muscle performance.

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